Launched on December 19 in 2008, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, more commonly known as ENTSO-E, is an online data platform and the representative of around 43 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from over 36 countries all over Europe.

An electricity transmission system operator is a framework assigned with the responsibility of transporting energy by way of electrical power or natural gas on a regional or national level, by making use of a firm infrastructure.

In the world of energy markets where energy trading and energy balancing seem to run the show, electricity transmission system operators play a substantial role. The ENTSO-E is also known as the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform, and it is supposed to turn into one of the most essential sources of data of the power systems in Europe.

The reason behind the TP is that it was established to assist participants of the market, most likely traders, generators and retailers, etc. It is thought that transparency within the organization will lead to a reduction in trading inside the company and will level the playing field between major and minor actors. As of now, the TP has more than 9000 registered users all over the world and is created, sustained and operated by ENTSO-E, the main association of transmission system operators (TSOs).

Where did it all start?

We know now that surveying electricity frameworks and markets of the real world is extremely data intensive. Studies which are usually based on models need exquisite amounts of time-series data, not excluding hour-by-hour data on wind and solar generation, consumption of electricity, constraints, and prices of the import and export framework, regularly. Alongside these requirements, these studies also demand detailed data related to individual power stations most notably the cost parameters, operational constraints, and heart rate.

It is an unfortunate fact that a lot of this information is hidden from the general public in too many areas of the world. European researchers, especially ENTSO-E, are actually quite lucky that they have access to such an exquisite amount of power system data.

The aims and objectives of ENTSO-E:

ENTSO-E and its 43 members, also known as TSOs, have divided the main objective of establishing the internal energy market and guaranteeing that it is functioning optimally, and is supporting the weighty energy and climate agenda of Europe.

Two of the main goals of this organization include the further liberalization of the electricity and gas markets and the integration of attestable sources of energy and the completion of the inner energy market in and outside Europe. When it comes to the amalgamation of top tier Renewables in the energy framework, the growth, and progress of consecutive flexibility, and an approach that is a lot more customer-centric this time around, then these are the crucial issues on ENTSO-E’s agenda of today.

The system is deeply devoted to developing some of the most suitable responses to the challenges of a power system which is constantly evolving, all the while ensuring that there is plentiful security of supply. Other things under ENTSO-E’s wing lately include a market-based approach, innovation, customer focus, security of supply, stakeholder focus, regional and national cooperation, and flexibility, etc.

The organization takes care of the aforementioned objectives mainly with the aid of:

  • Policy positions
  • The redaction of system codes and donating of their execution
  • Local cooperation through the Regional Security Coordination Initiatives (RSCIs)
  • Specialized cooperation between Transmission System Operators
  • The distribution of Winter and Summer Outlook reports, in regard to generation of power and electricity for the short-term framework adequacy outline
  • The improvement of long-haul pan-European system designs (TYNDPs)
  • The technical and specialized cooperation and participation between multiple TSOs
  • The teamwork of R&D designs, advancement exercises, and the cooperation in Research programs such as Horizon 2020 and heretofore FP 7 (7th Framework Programme)
    With the assistance of the aforementioned deliverables and impactful interactions with ACER, European institutions, and obviously well-known stakeholders, ENTSO-E is contributing to building the world’s most colossal electricity market – the advantages of which will not only be experienced by everyone in the energy sector but also by the overall economy and general public of Europe, today and every day into the future.