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Data Downloading For The Energy Industry

As energy enthusiasts, we know how hard it can be to identify great data sources, manually download this data, and then export them in formats that can be considered usable – all before analysis can begins. Because we understand how difficult this process is, and how important it is to the growth of any business, our goal was to take the stress away from data downloading. We believe we’ve achieved that goal.

Electrigence is a state-of-the-art, that extracts data automatically from sources all over the internet. We provide comprehensive statistics and indicators on global demand, supply and prices for all types of energies, and by replacing an expensive and outdated manual process, we’ve made it simple for energy marketers to get the info they need, when and how they need it. Technology should be a great liberator for marketers. Freeing you to push the limits of productivity and innovation. We are working to make this a reality by creating the best solution for the secure gathering and delivery of data ⎯ anytime, anywhere.


Why Us?

We understand that you need today’s info yesterday, so we provide data that can be constantly updated from any interface, with any modifications.
Already have existing storage? Not a problem! Electrigence can be adapted to fit your IT environment.
Access our system anywhere, anytime and stay connected on the go with a system that’s as robust as an enterprise class system and as easy to use as a consumer application.
With over 1000 sources, we are able to deliver consistent and clean data.


Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive data system that’ll allow you to make better, more informed decisions, or are looking to simplify the way you analyze data, Electrigence is the perfect solution for you.