Our Solution

Taking The Pain Out Of Gathering & Formatting Data For The Energy Industry

Ready to let go of the struggle that is getting data from multiple, sometimes unreliable sources?

Tired of moving from website to website looking for data you missed 5 websites ago?

Tired of the hassle involved in gathering and downloading data?

Want to embrace an easier better way?


Electrigence – The service that takes the pain out of gathering and downloading energy data! Imagine how powerful your sales process will be when you have access to all the global indicators and statistics you need at your fingertips! Stop letting lack of clarity paralyze your profit.

Electrigence is for you if You are...

  • Tired of the hassle involved identifying and downloading energy data.
  • Tired of making wrong decisions because you have incomplete, or even incorrect info.
  • Tired of wasting time and energy that you could channel to more useful projects.
  • You want clarity on the energy market at all times.



Our unique solution automatically gathers the data you need and saves you both time and effort by streamlining the downloading process.

Always up-to-date

Downloading scripts are run on a scheduling interface that we have developed to meet the needs of the client, so that the latest data is always included in the database.

Any Interface

We can adapt to any interface and develop a downloader script for it. Be it a web interface, an API, or an FTP server.

Access to Complete data

With data gathered from thousands of premium sources, you can rest assured that you’re getting all verifiable data available.

Tailored Transformation

The downloaded data is customized to your needs, and its format will be changed. You have all the power, and will determine the clear rules required.

Reduced Workload

Electrigence helps to reduce your manual processes, allowing you to focus on your core business


Whether you’re searching for a comprehensive data system that’ll allow you to make better, more informed decisions or are looking to simplify the way you analyze data, Electrigence is the perfect solution for you.