As the tagline of our company suggests that we provide adequate, raw, precise and reliable information about the energy market throughout Europe. This is simply done by providing you access to all the global indicators and statistics you need at your fingertips.

Indicators like production forecasts, expected outages, weather data, and cross-border capacity can drastically affect your business and paralyze your profit. Small changes in weather have the potential to significantly move the natural gas and electricity energy trading markets.

But you need not to worry! We have all the specified data from energy trading software that could foresee this move faster than anyone else. We have all structured and reliable data from trustworthy firms.

‘WSI Marketfirst: Energy trading software’ is a prime example of it.

Following years of research, the WSI market first has engineered a breakthrough that provides early insight into expected model changes up to two hours before the new model runs come out. With that, you get the first look. Forecasts like temperature, precipitation, wind, and cloud forecasts will be available for the key markets that energy traders are following.

It is the first comprehensive global weather platform in the industry, providing both hand-edited and raw weather model forecasts for the most market-sensitive international locations. It’s a “forecast of a forecast” of the Global Forecasting System (GFS) and European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) before they publicly issue. So you get a jump on decision-making — and on everybody else.

Similarly, in order to give your company leverage over all other competitors, we provide important and relevant data for short-and-long term auctions of transmission capacity.

This is where ‘Joint allocation office (JAO)’ helps us. JAO is a service company that facilitates the electricity market by organizing auctions for cross border transmission capacity. It is owned by twenty-two Transmission System Operators (TSOs) from nineteen countries.

JAO offers annual, non-calendar annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, weekend, daily and intra-day auctions. TSOs and Regulatory Authorities decide what auctions are performed on individual borders. Next to this JAO provides administrative and settlement services to TSOs and acts as a fall-back for the European Market Coupling.

In case, if you are wondering about the credibility of JAO, it is pertinent to know that in October 2018, JAO became the Single Allocation Platform (SAP) for all European Transmission System Operators that operate in accordance to EU legislation, since it is able to implement and fulfill all regulatory obligations and requirements.

These two companies are at the heart of our organization as it reflects our objective of providing reliable and easy-to-interpret information. With such reliable companies, we offer you constantly updated, adaptable, automated and easy to use data so that your company profits should not be thwarted by the painstaking task of identifying, gathering and downloading energy data.

With JAO and WSI Market first, you will be not wasting time and energy, will not make wrong decisions, and will have clarity on the energy markets at all times.