With the expansion of the European Energy market, there is excessive need for knowledge about demand and supply factors. Gathering information about electricity trading can be a difficult and extensive process as it requires gathering information from companies and departments across the world. It can be hard to identify reliable data sources and convert them into formats that are usable.

Since the aim of our company is to provide up-to-date information about energy trading to meet customer needs, we use many online databases for downloading data. One such source for electricity production data is Wattsite which is the successor of MKonline.

About Wattsight

Wattsight is one of the top providers of data about electricity trading to the European Energy market for data and consulting services. Customers are given the insight to better understand the European Energy trading market through forecasts of prices and fundamentals for the short, medium and long-term horizon. It provides customers with their business intelligence and consultations with their analysis. Investments in energy and power assets are also offered with a reasonable decision support.

It is located in Arendel, Oslo, Berlin and Vienna. Wattsight has a large client base with customers from all around the world. They also include many of Europe’s top power and energy financial institutions and companies.  They rely on the competence of the analysts, market intelligence and modeling skills that come from more than 2 years of experience.

Moreover, their staff is highly experienced in areas of climate policy, mathematical and economic modeling, forecasting methodologies, power and energy markets, and market reporting. All of this ensures that customers are given the best services to meet their needs.

Our Solution

At Electrigence, we are concerned with data integration and providing our customers with what they need so they do not have to put in extra effort or time.  The system is also easy for customers to use. It is an automated system that automatically gathers data from sources all around the Internet. Through data integration especially from Wattsight, we are able to provide better access to meaningful data about energy trading to our clients. The data is constantly updated in order to keep up with the present.

In addition, it can be tailored and specified to suit your needs so you only obtain what you require and no unnecessary information is acquired. Electrigence is designed to take the stress of downloading data. With reliable sources like Wattsight, we are able to guarantee consistent and clean data. Comprehensive statistics and global indicators are provided to show the demand and supply prices for various types of energies including electricity, coal, oil and gas. By using our company, it has become simpler for energy marketers to identify the kind of information they need and how they need it. Moreover, our system is accessible from anywhere at any time so you can stay connected on the go.

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